On18 Brookville and 3 new cars!
This locomotive kit uses the Bachmann N-Scale MDT Plymouth mechanism to make a great looking On18 Locomotive! The prototype for this locomotive is at the Railroaders Memorial Museum in Altoona PA. This cool looking critter will look great running in conjunction with your On30 layout!

This product comes as an unpainted and unassembled polyurethane resin kit (there are only 3 parts to the kit). Uses Microtrains #2004 couplers. A weight is included with the kit. Mechanism not included.

Suggested Introductory List Price for this kit is US$49.00:

On18 Freight Cars

These kits feature easy assembly, like all our other kits.
These kits are the perfect companions for our On18 Brookville and Vertical Boiler locomotives. The cars currently available are a straight flat car, a gondola, and a high-sided gondola. These are unassembled and unpainted polyurethane kits. Trucks and couplers are not included. Detailed instructions for assembly are included.

The Suggested List prices are as follows:

On18, 10-foot X 4 ft. wide Flat car.
Couplers not included. Price $26.00 US for TWO CARS.

On18, 10-foot Gondola Car kits.
Couplers and trucks not included. Price: $29.00 US for TWO CARS.

On18, 10-foot High-Sided Gondola kit.
Couplers and trucks not included. Price $29.50.00 US for TWO CARS.